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Scottish Fold cattery with excellent pedigreed Scottish kittens (Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight) – this is quite rare!
Scottish breed today, is not rare. There are a lot representatives of this breed in different colors.
But, despite this, buy a small kitten of the Scottish breed, which will soon grow into a beautiful animal that will be able to compete with the brilliance at the international exhibitions of cats, is not so easy!
You are not a specialist in feline?
But you do not want to make a mistake and want to make the right choice … How to be? What would I do?
First of all, when choosing pedigreed Scottish kitten, I would turned my attention to the fact, does owner of the cattery take part in international feline cat shows with his Scottish cats.
Professional breeders, happy owners of luxury Scottish cats, try to visit a lot of international exhibitions with their elite Scottish candidates for highest titles.
Scottish cats of show condition – the main wealth of professional Scottish cats cattery!

Buy Scottish kitten from elite parents – is a guaranteed success of your choice!

Also, I would ask the breeder about the care of cats and their lives.
Cattery owner will tell you about how he feeds his cats, about what he feeds them, etc.
As much detail from his part will be told, then more likely that the information is true.
Listen carefully and make conclusions!
If premium dry food was not recommended as part of a diet for a future kitten then unlikely you buy exterior animal.
I have paid particular attention to the level of the official representation of cattery on the Internet.
There are many breeders who sell their animals only in social networks and / or free classified ads.
Beware of scams!
Not the fact that the photos that are posted in the ad belongs to the animals of the “pseudo-breeder”.
If Scottish cats cattery have a beautifully designed website, with a detailed and systematic information on it, with convenient navigation and other necessary for visitors options such as, for example, a mobile version of a site, it can be assumed that the breeder is worried about the image of his cattery, trying give a potential buyer the most comfortable conditions when choosing a kitten from his cattery, and, therefore, you do not buy a “cat in a bag” :)
Selling of kitten will be “transparent”, clear. The deal will not be risky for you!
This page contains information on Scottish Fold catteries sites, which have already taken care of you, our dear reader, about their potential customers!
All sites have a mobile version, adapted to the most popular browsers of users.
All sites are convenient and easy to navigate, which will allow you in the shortest possible time to find the information you need with certain parameters.
In developing the design of the site for each Scottish Fold cattery we used images of the best producers of this particular cattery.
Company Katrin-Elizabeth ® is engaged in design, layout and promotion of sites, recommends to buy Scottish kitten from checked up by time clients of our company.


Buy Scottish kitten from elite titled parents, pedigreed and quality, and not to be mistaken with the choice you can with full confidence in Scottish cats catteries, which are listed below :)
Cute plush creation will go into your house like a true Scot :) – already mannered, accustomed to tray and scratching posts!


Buy Scottish cat female (cute kitten or an adult lady :)), with the breeding rights or just for fun, you can on the official websites of the Scottish cats catteries, which are listed below :)
The magnificence of the fair sex will not leave you indifferent!


Buy Scottish cat male – responsible step!
Freedom-loving, big, majestic animal will demand respect for yourself!
Gentleman of Scottish descent can become a true friend to you if you decide not to prove to him your superiority! Exterior of the Scottish cat charms!


Scottish Fold cattery Simba Iceberg

Scottish Fold cattery Simba Iceberg 
Website of Scottish Fold cattery Simba Iceberg
View detailed information about the Scottish Fold cattery SIMBA ICEBERG from Kiev
Scottish cats cattery Simba Iceberg regularly participates in international cat shows.
Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight cats of cattery – are titled breeding cats!
Scottish Fold cattery Simba Iceberg offers:
– buy Scottish Fold kitten / buy Scottish Straight kitten from Champions for breeding or as a pet!
– buy Scottish Fold cat for breeding!
– buy Scottish Straight cat for breeding!
K-E.TOP and Katrin-Elizabeth ®: we recommend you to make a purchase in this cattery!


Scottish Fold cattery

Scottish Fold cattery SIMBA ICEBERG
Official site of Scottish cats cattery SIMBA ICEBERG:
View detailed information about the Scottish Fold cattery SIMBA ICEBERG from Kiev
In Scottish cats cattery SIMBA ICEBERG you can:
– buy Scottish kitten with different types of ears: You can buy a lop-eared kitten (kitten fold buy, buy fold); or kittens with straight ears (kitten straight buy, buy straight);
– buy Scottish cat female for breeding;
– buy Scottish ca male for breeding;
Actual information about the pedigreed cats from SIMBA ICEBERG on the official site of the Scottish cats cattery. Make request via the feedback form on the official website of the Scottish Fold cattery Simba Iceberg, if you decide to buy Scottish kitten pedigreed, healthy, high quality, with a complete set of documents from the titled parents.
K-E.TOP and Katrin-Elizabeth ® recommend to buy Scottish kitten in this Scottish cats cattery.

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Cattery AlvaRoss

Cattery AlvaRoss - Scottish cats cattery from Volgograd (Russia).
Website of AlvaRoss cattery – information resource of professional cattery.
The cattery is breeding Scottish cats of rare colors: silver shaded (chinchilla), silver ticked, silver spotted tabby, as well as golden and pointed variations of the above colors.
If you want to buy a Scottish kitten of one of these precious colors - contact the breeder using the contacts listed on the site.

More information about site

cattery Diamond Queen

Cattery Diamond Queen

Cattery Diamond Queen - Scottish cats cattery, which is located in Chelyabinsk (Russia).
Website of cattery Diamond Queen - information resource of professional cattery.
All Scottish cats of cattery - real diamonds! Breeder works with such colors as color-point and classic tabby including variations with silver and gold, and also ticked colors.
In the near future also plans to work in a new direction - Yorkshire terrier kennel.
If you decided to buy Scottish kitten one of these rare colors or decided to buy Yorkshire Terrier puppy - please contact the breeder, using the contacts listed on the site.
Become the owner of a small diamond!

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cattery Prima Artistry

Cattery Prima Artistry

Cattery Prima Artistry - Scottish cats cattery, which is located in Chelyabinsk (Russia).
Website of cattery Prima Artistry - information resource of professional cattery.
Cattery engaged in breeding Scottish cats of precious colors: color-point, silver/gold ticked and shaded.
Owner of cattery - certified breeder-felinologist.
If you want to buy Scottish kitten of precious color - contact breeder, using the contacts listed on the site.

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cattery Simba Iceberg

Cattery Simba Iceberg

Cattery Simba Iceberg is engaged in breeding Scottish cats of color-point colors.
Cats and kittens of cattery take an active part in international cat shows and earn high titles and evaluation.
If you decide to buy Scottish blue-eyed kitten from the Champions
we recommend you to visit this site of monobreed cattery.

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Scottish cats cattery Simba Iceberg

Scottish cats cattery Simba Iceberg - information resource - cattery website.
Cattery specializes in breeding scottish fold and scottish straight cats rare color point and tabby point colors.
Blue eyed fold and straight kittens can adorn your life!
Elite kittens from titled manufacturers on the international system WCF delight their new owners around the world!

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