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Cattery AlvaRoss

Cattery AlvaRoss - Scottish cats cattery from Volgograd (Russia).
Website of AlvaRoss cattery – information resource of professional cattery.
The cattery is breeding Scottish cats of rare colors: silver shaded (chinchilla), silver ticked, silver spotted tabby, as well as golden and pointed variations of the above colors.
If you want to buy a Scottish kitten of one of these precious colors - contact the breeder using the contacts listed on the site.

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Cattery Cardinal Moore

Cattery Cardinal Moore

Cattery Cardinal Moore - Canadian Sphynx and Elf cattery, which is located in Chelyabinsk (Russia).
Website of cattery Cardinal Moore - information resource of professional cattery.
Cattery is breeding naked cats that have an unusual appearance.
Breeder works with a rare not only for Russia breed of cats - elf - a hybrid of American Curl and Canadian Sphynx.
If you want to buy kitten of one of these breeds - contact the breeder using the contacts listed on the site.

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cattery Diamond Queen

Cattery Diamond Queen

Cattery Diamond Queen - Scottish cats cattery, which is located in Chelyabinsk (Russia).
Website of cattery Diamond Queen - information resource of professional cattery.
All Scottish cats of cattery - real diamonds! Breeder works with such colors as color-point and classic tabby including variations with silver and gold, and also ticked colors.
In the near future also plans to work in a new direction - Yorkshire terrier kennel.
If you decided to buy Scottish kitten one of these rare colors or decided to buy Yorkshire Terrier puppy - please contact the breeder, using the contacts listed on the site.
Become the owner of a small diamond!

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cattery Prima Artistry

Cattery Prima Artistry

Cattery Prima Artistry - Scottish cats cattery, which is located in Chelyabinsk (Russia).
Website of cattery Prima Artistry - information resource of professional cattery.
Cattery engaged in breeding Scottish cats of precious colors: color-point, silver/gold ticked and shaded.
Owner of cattery - certified breeder-felinologist.
If you want to buy Scottish kitten of precious color - contact breeder, using the contacts listed on the site.

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cattery Mara Pra Coona

Cattery Mara Pra Coona

Cattery Mara Pra Coona - Maine Coon cattery, which is located in the city of Minsk (Belarus).
Website of cattery Mara Pra Coona - information resource of professional cattery.
Maine Coons of cattery are active participants of international cat shows in Belarus and beyond its borders.
The first Maine Coon cat Supreme Champion FIFe of Belarus lives in this cattery Mara Pra Coona!
Cattery name translates into English as "Dream about Coon".
If you want to buy Maine Coon kitten from titled and healthy parents - please contact the breeder, using the contacts listed on the site.
Maybe your dream is waiting for you in this cattery!

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cattery Simba Iceberg

Cattery Simba Iceberg

Cattery Simba Iceberg is engaged in breeding Scottish cats of color-point colors.
Cats and kittens of cattery take an active part in international cat shows and earn high titles and evaluation.
If you decide to buy Scottish blue-eyed kitten from the Champions
we recommend you to visit this site of monobreed cattery.

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Siberian cats cattery Talan

Siberian cats cattery Talan - information resource of professional Siberian cats cattery.
Geographical location of the Siberian cats cattery Talan - Russia, Saratov.
These majestic animals have repeatedly marked with high marks and titles by the most worthy and competent judges of the international cats federation.
If you want to buy Siberian kitten, visit cattery’s site and use the feedback form.
Order cattery website is possible by contact form on K-E.TOP

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Devon rex cattery Curly Joy

Devon rex cattery Curly Joy - information resource of professional monobreed cattery.
Geographical location of the devon rex cattery - Kiev Ukraine.
The main aim of the cattery is to breed healthy kittens as much as possible corresponding to the modern standart of the breed.
Elite pedigreed curly kitten with fairy elf look will become your best friend and will bring joy to your home.
You can buy kitten devon rex, contact the breeder via the feedback form on the official cattery website.

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Scottish cats cattery Simba Iceberg

Scottish cats cattery Simba Iceberg - information resource - cattery website.
Cattery specializes in breeding scottish fold and scottish straight cats rare color point and tabby point colors.
Blue eyed fold and straight kittens can adorn your life!
Elite kittens from titled manufacturers on the international system WCF delight their new owners around the world!

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